Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ben Franklin... of course

Here's a tidbit of science history. It's widely believed the Benjamin Franklin did not actually preform his famous key tied to a kite string experiment. But had written a paper accurately describing that lightning was in fact electricity, and one could produce electrical sparks from the key if the experiment were conducted.

A few lesser-known and shorter-lived scientists who attempted the experiment in the years following Franklin's paper, posthumously proved Franklin's theory was correct. This would have been a nice way to eliminate the competition for patents, but Franklin also never sought any patents for the numerous inventions he fathered in his lifetime. He felt it was his greatest privilege to serve the benefits of his fellow man.

If Ben had tried the experiment himself, we may never have had bi-focals, lightning rods, catamarans, refrigeration or a public library system.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Characters for HMH

Here's a collection of spot characters for the Science book project. We're just about to wrap this one up. I should be finished with my part by the end of the week. It's been fun working on this, and it keeps me off the streets.

Build Your Own Robot

So here it is... the plans to build your own robot. Just send $9.95 and a SASE to the address below and I'll place your plans into a hermetically sealed, cardboard toilet paper tube and rush them (pony express) right to whatever turnip patch you just crawled out from.

I'll Take Your Money
PO Box 1234
Fallingfer, IT 97665

Or it's another spot illustration for the 4th grade science book.