Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wanted Posters

I just drew up a quick sketch for an old client. They want to do a rewards for referrals campaign with an old-style wanted poster look.

This is right up my alley. I get to draw a bunch of wild-west meets high-tech looking characters. Not sure how much they'll let me make them look like the classic bad guys of the old west, but I'm going to try. This first one is really tame just to set the base line. I'd like to do some handle-bar mustachioed card cheats, ornery bandidos and dastardly-looking gun-fighters. But, I don't think I'll get that much latitude... I mean, they're actually looking to hire these people. Maybe I can squeeze in an evil CEO. Everybody needs one of those.

I'm waiting to hear if they want to go with the sepia-tone look, or full color characters. I'm not sure myself. Anybody want to cast a vote?

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